Claw machine with customizable appearance

Claw machine with customizable appearance



Claw machine with customizable appearance

A customizable appearance claw machine, also known as a claw machine or object vending machine, is a game device in which players can grab dolls or other prizes by operating the machine. The following is an introduction to some key parameters:

Claw Type: Different claws are suitable for grabbing different types and sizes of prizes. For example, some claws are designed for grabbing small dolls, while others may be suitable for grabbing larger or specially shaped prizes.

Grip force setting: Grip force refers to the strength of the claws when grabbing the prize. This parameter is directly related to whether the player can successfully catch the doll. If the grip force is too large, it may be easy for players to grab the claw machine; if the grip force is too small, it may cause the prize to fall off after being lifted up, making it difficult to catch the doll and affecting the experience, so a reasonable grip force needs to be set.

Crane: The crane is an important part of the claw machine. It is responsible for controlling the movement of the claws. The performance of the crane, such as the sensitivity of sensing micro-movements and the speed of the motor, determines the stability of the claw machine operation and the customer's experience.

Power supply: A stable power supply is very important to ensure the long-term stable operation of the motherboard and other electronic components. We use reputable power sources to provide a more stable power supply.

Mainboard: The mainboard is the central control unit of the claw machine and is responsible for controlling the overall process and logic of the game. Pretty good in terms of performance and stability.

Payment methods: Modern claw machines support a variety of payment methods, including coins, banknotes, mobile payments, etc., to meet the needs of different customers. Please consult us for details.

Display screen: used to display game information, scores, countdown, etc. to enhance the player's gaming experience.

Sound effects: Attractive background music and sound effects can enhance the appeal of the game and create a pleasant gaming environment for players.

Appearance design: The attractive appearance design and body color can attract customers' attention and increase their desire to play. Our machines can be customized.

Properly setting and adjusting these parameters is very important to improve the player's gaming experience and increase the machine's revenue. Operators typically adjust the grip and claw movement speed based on the doll's size, shape, and material, as well as player feedback, to achieve an effect that challenges players without making it too difficult. In addition, maintenance and upkeep are also key to ensuring the long-term normal operation of the claw machine.