Panda doll machine can accept banknotes

Panda doll machine can accept banknotes



The claw machine, also known as the claw machine, object grabbing machine, etc., is a common unmanaged entertainment and game equipment. Players control the machine's gripper in an attempt to grab and grab prizes placed in the machine. The following are some common claw machine parameters:

Dimensions and weight: length, width and height: 0.8m-0.9m-1.8m
Weight: 80KG
Power: 150W

Display screen: Equipped with an LCD screen for displaying prize information, scores, countdown, etc.

Claw type: There are many types of claws for claw machines, ranging from medium to large. We use stainless steel medium claws.

Grabbing strength: The grabbing strength of the claw machine can be adjusted through the background. Generally speaking, the stronger the grabbing force, the more difficult it is to grab the item (can be set freely).

Type and quantity of prizes: The type and quantity of prizes in the claw machine vary depending on the model. Generally speaking, the panda claw machine can hold more than 30 prizes, and we also have plush toys for sale.

Control system: The control system of the claw machine includes power switch, grasping strength adjustment, claw movement control, etc. Modern claw machines usually use electronic control systems that can achieve a variety of grabbing modes and difficulty settings.

Install a banknote machine to identify local banknotes
You can also use the currency exchange machine to exchange game currency for operation.