Specifications of Panda coin-operated claw machine

Specifications of Panda coin-operated claw machine



Specifications of Panda coin-operated claw machine

Material combination:
Panda claw machine combined with iron and wood

Product Size:
Height: 190 cm (74.8 inches)
Width: 85 cm (33.5 inches)
Depth: 78 cm (30.7 inches)

product weight:
120 kg (264.6 lbs)

Claw type:
stainless steel claw

Power consumption:
120W (0.12kW)

Control System:
The electronic control system provides a variety of grabbing modes and difficulty settings (the game content and gameplay are authentic and independently developed system)

Sound effects:
Background music and capture sound effects (customizable)

4.5-inch LCD screen can display prize information, scores, countdown, etc.

payment method:
Coin operation, additional bill acceptor, ticket exchange machine for game currency payment, etc.

Ideal location:
Shopping malls, amusement parks, stores and other high-traffic areas suitable for increasing engagement

After-sales service:
The claw machine has a one-year warranty. The motherboard is a lifetime maintenance service - direct replacement without maintenance (if the original motherboard fails after many years of use, it can be directly replaced with a new motherboard)

Claw machine customization service:
Customize appearance and functionality according to customer requirements

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