Two-person trendy doll machine

Two-person trendy doll machine



The double claw machine, as an electronic game machine, has unique parameters and characteristics. The following is a detailed introduction to its key parameters:

Mainboard: This is the core component of the claw machine, which determines the stability of the machine's operation. The machine is equipped with two motherboard systems, not one universal one. The performance and stability of different motherboards vary, and long-term operation needs need to be considered when selecting.


Appearance size: Double-player claw machines are usually wider than single-player versions to accommodate two players playing side by side.

Claw type: Different claws are suitable for grabbing prizes of different sizes and weights. The two-person claw machine may be equipped with more complex or multi-functional claws to increase the interactivity and challenge of the game. The claws can be thrown into the blind box and add additional claws. Equipped with small claws to grab 4-inch doll ornaments.

Payment methods: Modern claw machines support a variety of payment methods, including coins, banknotes, mobile payments, etc., making it convenient for players to use.

Display screen: used to display game information, scores, countdown, etc. to enhance the player's gaming experience.
Sound effects: Attractive background music and sound effects can enhance the appeal of the game and create a pleasant gaming environment for players.

After-sales service: Providing quality assurance and technical support is key to ensuring long-term operations, especially warranty services for core components such as motherboards.

Customization services: Some manufacturers provide the option to customize the appearance and functions according to the specific needs of customers, making the machine more competitive in the market.

When selecting a double claw machine, the above parameters should be comprehensively considered, and the purchase should be combined with the actual site conditions and target customer groups.

Material combination:
The yellow game coin token claw machine that combines iron and wood, the yellow tone gives your venue a grand and beautiful atmosphere.

Product Size:
Height: 209 cm (6.8 inches)
Width: 130 cm (4.2 inches)
Depth: 89 cm (2.9 inches)

product weight:
60 kg (132 lbs)

Claw type:
Stainless steel claw (protective cover can be added)

Power consumption:
120W (0.12kW)

Control System:
Electronic control system, providing a variety of grabbing modes and difficulty settings (game content and gameplay are realistic, independently developed motherboard program)

Sound effects:
Background music and capture sound effects (can be set independently)

The 4.5-inch LCD screen can display the number of game coins at one time, the number of game rounds, countdown, etc.

payment method:
Coin operation/additional bill acceptor/ticket exchange machine for game currency payment.

Claw machine material:
The iron-wood frame and tempered glass are strong and durable, and the ambient light bar makes it look good-looking and attract attention.

After-sales service:
The claw machine has a one-year warranty. The motherboard is a lifetime maintenance service - direct replacement without maintenance (if the original motherboard fails after many years of use, it can be directly replaced with a new motherboard)

Claw machine customization service:
Customized appearance stickers and gameplay functions according to customer requirements

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